We are able to find any type of electronic component

Thanks to collaboration with international OEM and distributors of electronic components, we are able to find not only the most innovative electronic products on the market but also hard to find, obsolete and shortage components in order to guarantee production “continuity”.


We offer a specialized and qualified consultancy

Since ever PROD.EL has always been focused on meeting customers’ needs. Thanks to our specialists we can recommend the most suitable and most competitive solution on the market for your needs.


We offer competitive prices

Thanks to our numerous Italian and international partners, we are able to supply electronic components at highly competitive prices. Our team is always at your service to support you in choosing the best product at the very best price.


Customised Proven Kit System

The complete kit of electronic components is a fast and reliable service that simplifies the easy of supply necessary to the realization of your projects.
Special attention is paid in the offering of Electronic components kit: it is proven system for our customers who want to have a one source partner, with reduction in time, resources and costs.


We guarantee a fast and reliable distribution

In order to ensure to our customers a greater range and a faster delivery, PROD.EL has chosen to do not bind only to one distribution group, but to cooperate with more partners. Accuracy and speed are the perfect mechanism of our warehouse that it is structured to fulfill any order within a maximum of 24 hours.